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This blog contains all of the best resources to supercharge different aspects of your life and health.  Whether you want to transform your body, have more energy for life, or improve your relationship with yourself and do some deep soul searching – this blog provides tools and resources to help you make it happen in a mindful & holistic way!


Hi, my name is Marta and I am the creator and CEO of Holistic Wellness Project.


Marta-Holistic Wellness Project

Marta-Holistic Wellness Project

I have always been passionate about wellness, mindfulness, plant based nutrition, and holistic personal development.  I have also always enjoyed creating and sharing my experiences with other people. It took me a really long time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and back in my twenties I felt really confused. I did not feel balanced and did not have any goals. I felt trapped between the jobs I hated and party weekends. I knew I wanted something different and believed that a change would come.


It was only when I committed myself to working on my body, emotions, inner self, and my mind that things began to change. I decided to take care of my health and life by studying and applying holistic therapies and self-help programs.


On my journey (never ending one, lol!) I studied massage therapy, as well as holistic nutrition, Alkaline Diet, Reiki, aromatherapy and other natural therapies. At that time I also suffered from unexpected uveitis attacks (it is a serious eye disease that can even result in blindness) but thanks to homeopathy, a macrobiotic/alkaline diet combined with the standard medical treatments and a balanced lifestyle I managed to fight them off and cured the affected eye with success. For me, it was a sign that I had to take better care of myself. It was a sign of immense stress and pressure that had been accumulating in me over my teenage years and early twenties. I was willing to do whatever it took to learn all about natural health and happiness.  I committed myself to personal and professional transformation.


I also became interested in motivational coaching and studied dozens of books, programs and courses from self-help experts like Tony Robbins and other inspiring people. I felt like my body and mind were healing and I felt happier and happier every-day. I also had more confidence in my projects, Holistic Wellness Project blog being one of them.


I started this blog to provide you with a positive platform,  full of inspiration and motivation that busy, modern individuals can benefit from to transform their lifestyles and restore balance.


Why Holistic Wellness?


What is Holistic? It’s simple: it’s about working on your body, mind, spirit (or heart/emotions whatever you want to call it) so that you can enhance your quality of life. The final result should be a visible progress and improvement in all areas of your life, not only health and wellness, but also relationships, professional career and spiritual life.


Mind Body Connection

I am also fascinated with the human mind. Let’s face it- even if you are super healthy you will not be holistically healthy and happy if you neglect your mind and emotions. This also goes the other way round—so many coaches and personal development professionals talk about motivation and mastering your mind and accumulating wealth (get rich now, health will wait!) but if there is no health there is nothing. In other words- all systems must go.


Holistic Mindfulness and Awarness

It’s not only about information. We need inspiration and motivation to take action and transform our lifestyles in order to create a long-lasting change and fulfilment.


My goal is to empower you on your journey so that you can discover a more balanced, energized, and happier new version of yourself.

My mission is to show you in how to take care of yourself not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally.


My Inspiration and Motivation?


”Take care of your body…That’s the only place you have to live…” Jim Rohn


I believe that health is the most important thing to take care of in order to feel happy, focused and fulfilled.


Let the journey begin! We are going to keep it holistic and adjust it to our modern and fast-paced lifestyles!




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  • Wow…I can definitely feel your passion and zest for life for sure! Thanks for sharing great content here and I will definitely come back for more from you. Totally agree with the importance of holistic wellness (physically, mentally and spiritually). Also, I am slowly getting into aromatherapy these days 😉 So much to learn from you, Marta!

    • holisticwellnesstherapy

      Thanks for your kind words Tracy! Follow Wellness with me and live a balanced holistic life for personal success! I am here to help! Have a lovely day:)

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