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The Alkaline Diet for the Mind 

The Alkaline Diet for happiness.

The Alkaline Diet for happiness.

In this short blog post, I would like to bring up the mental and emotional benefits of utilizing the Alkaline Diet – something that is quite often overlooked.


Generally, people who try this diet analyse it and focus only on the physical benefits like massive weight loss, lessened inflammation, improved digestion, healthier skin, degenerative disease prevention, osteoporosis and arthritis prevention, etc. However, very little is being said about the other powerful changes that this diet can bring into your life on a more holistic level.


The Alkaline Diet is a Holistic Diet

It’s all interconnected: our body, mind, and spirit. Everyone feels better in a healthier body. Alkalinity is happiness! Following a balanced, alkaline eating plan results in:

  •   Improved concentration
  •  Stronger focus
  •  Increased zest for life
  • More mental energy
  • Higher productivity

As far as our emotional life is concerned, many experts who deal with patients struck with anxiety and depression, state that the Alkaline Diet can bring:

  • Peace of mind
  • Better emotional balance
  • The ability to make good decisions
  • Female wellbeing (usually, females tend to be a little bit more unbalanced and emotional than men)


 Shelley Redford Young from Phmiracleliving.com says:


Physiology affects emotionality, and emotionality affects mentality.


This is the truth. Have you ever noticed that when you feel good on a physical level, your mental and emotional health also flourishes? However, when you don’t take care of your precious body, you get off the healthy track and your mentality also suffers. You lack energy, zest for life, and find it difficult to get into healthy habits again. This only allows the vicious circle to continue.

You don’t want to be there!

I strongly recommend this short, yet extremely motivational video starring Shelley Redford Young:

Improve Emotional Health through an Alkaline Diet: watch the video



The Alkaline Diet for Holistic Balance

A body full of acidic toxins equals to emotional unbalance and mental fogginess.

Real detoxification and a healthy, alkaline balance will lead to creativity, joy, and peacefulness. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the Alkaline Diet. It really contributed to my personal development. I talk about it in my eBook, “Alkaline Recipes

Before starting my alkaline lifestyle, I couldn’t concentrate and I felt nervous and out of balance. Choosing alkalinity was one of the best health decisions I ever made! I used to be a caffeine addict… I needed my coffee to crawl out of bed and sometimes soda to hold me over in the day. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to function normally without my morning coffee, even though caffeine would make me jittery and make me crash a few hours later.


Alkalinity – Everyone can Do It!

If you are looking for holistic balance, the Alkaline Diet can help. Gautama Budda said:


Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care. The sufferings which overtake beings are the fruit of their desires.


So get inspired now! Take small baby steps towards your big goals. Your body and mind will be grateful. If you are new to the Alkaline Diet, please check my previous blog post where I list the most basic outline of the diet for beginners. If you are not new to it, but perhaps you got off-track (I have been off-track many times myself), the best thing to do is brush yourself off and get back to it with more power and determination than ever before.


Here are some alkaline charts that are more specific:

In the next blog post, I will share the best of Tony Robbins’ motivational speeches about the Alkaline Diet.

Take action now. Simply choose holistic wellness with alkalinity. Your body and mind will be grateful.


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