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How to Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Beat Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction Cure

Stop Being Addicted to Sugar

If you are looking for long-term health success and you are sick and tired of diets that don’t work, unrealistic cleanses or torturing yourself with exaggerated workout routines, this article will help you. Overcoming sugar cravings is not as simple as going cold-turkey without having any solid plan to fall back on. The problem is that we very often perceive problems such as: weight gain, lack of energy, moodiness (and even anxiety) and uncontrolled sugar addiction as separate problems that require separate solutions- usually quick fixes or, in some cases, swallowing the pill that can make things worse…The truth is that the real holistic solution has been hidden from us. Main stream marketing makes us go for other things (let’s call them fads, OK?) so that we stay sick and tired (some people create entire businesses around people who are sick and tired). Read on to discover the simple solution that has helped me lose weight, beat sugar addiction and even cure a weird auto-immune disease that was provoking a really serious eye condition (uveitis)…

Before I Discovered Total Wellness Cleanse

I’ll be honest with you…I used to feel like a zombie in the morning (well not really in the morning, afternoons were pretty tough too)I REALLY struggled to pull myself out of bed. Even after sleeping for like 10 hours…coffee didn’t help.I just couldn’t do anything. I knew I had to eat healthy (although I didn’t know what it really meant for me). But I didn’t even have energy to buy my groceries.

I used caffeine to have energy in the morning, then there was an energy crash and I was really craving sweets. I would occasionally eat something healthy, but it wasn’t working that much as  I lacked this healthy foundation. Because of that I developed a negative belief thinking that the whole healthy eating concept was a big lie. Of course I was wrong!

In the morning I was really sleepy and then I tried to fight energy crashes throughout the day…

Unfortunately, I also suffered from insomnia. The vicious circle carried on.

I started gaining on fat and resorting to fad diets never worked…



How I Drastically Improved My Health with the Total Wellness Cleanse

Back in 2013, an American friend of mine told me about a program she went through and how amazing she felt. She also told me that it was based around alkaline diet concepts and that I am probably overacidic, hence my health problems. At first, I laughed at it and said something like- no way I am giving my money to more self-proclaimed diet guru’s! What? Is it another fad from America (I was such a nasty European lol). I also thought the alkaline diet was just another fad….But eventually I decided to research the creator of the Total Wellness Cleanse- Mr Yuri Elkaim. I noticed his reputation in the health sector was well established. Not only did he have good credentials, certifications and experience…he was actually really passionate about helping people feel better in their bodies. He was even taking his time to produce free content- I knew he was a real deal not just another sleazy health salesman! I decided to dive deeper and really resonated with his personal story…he himself used to struggle with a ton of serious health problems which forced him to look for natural solutions because nothing else seemed to work. I also came across many genuine testimonials where people were sharing their before and after picks, and it wasn’t just about weight loss. They all looked better and just radiated health (not too sure if it makes sense in English, but I guess you get my point).


So I gave it a try. At first I was scared. I am not a very strong-willed person, so you know. I thought…can I actually make it? And can I really quit sugar in 14 days or less?

But here’s what really pushed me to try the Total Wellness Cleanse back then (and I still get back to it and get inspired by it!). As Tony Robbins says, if your current pain is stronger than your fear of failure, you will do it and you will be successful!

You see….Lack of energy was really affecting my personal and professional life.

In the end, I felt depressed and not motivated to do anything. I wanted to pursue education in health and wellness. I thought- how can I help other people if I can’t fix myself? I will never be able to change my job and do what I enjoy. I will not have energy to follow my passions. I will not even have energy to enjoy time with my family. What’s the point of feeling this way?

At the same time I couldn’t lose weight (even with diets, counting calories and torturing myself with excessive workout routines and some pre-workout supplements).


I didn’t even realize that my 3 problems:

-lack of energy

-weight gain

-and sugar addiction


Were all interconnected.


I made a mistake and didn’t try to address the root of the problem-that fact that my body was full of toxins and over-acidic…This is why it was accumulating inflammation and fat. And this is why it was screaming- feed me, feed me! But I didn’t know how to listen to it…




If you cleanse your body of most the toxins that have been piling up over the years and you do it the smart way (you eat, you don’t go hungry, you eat a balanced alkaline plant based diet)… then all of a sudden, you now have an abundance of natural energy, because your body doesn’t need to keep repairing itself. When you get alkaline, weight loss comes as an added bonus and you no longer have those uncontrollable sugar cravings…

In other words- you crave sugar because your body lacks nutrients. Alkaline foods can fix it in a really holistic way (you give your body what it REALLY needs and you stop craving sugar)…And it’s not about magically raising your pH (I always say that..there are also many marketers who try to turn the alkaline diet into the latest fad). It’s about giving your body the nutrients it needs to function at the optimal levels. All alkaline foods (for example greens, veggies and fruits low in sugar) are rich in minerals and low in sugar. Easy!

How can you purge these toxins from your body and REALLY get alkaline?

It’s simple- just add more alkaline foods into your diet and do everything that Yuri tells you to do.

(all you need is 30 minutes a day to prepare everything, and the program also takes care of that, you get motivation and organization tips as well as shopping tips). To be honest, when I first went through this cleanse back in 2013, I was working full time and also studying. I could prepare everything even in just 15-20 minutes a day. The program gave me motivation to keep on track. I didn’t have any healthy friends around me and I felt scared before starting the program. Luckilly, the Total Wellness Community turned out to be a fantastic experience. I met many online friends, some of them I was even able to meet and hang out in “real life”. Amazing!


So…back to the main topic (I kindda talk way too much about myself)…In case you don’t know, Yuri Elkaim is the New York Times Best-Selling health author and a renowned nutritionist.

His unique CRM Method that focuses on getting to the root of the problem, will help you: have more energy and (if desired) lose weight and eliminate those annoying sugar cravings.

Here’s the way it should be:

Alkaline Diet

How to Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Reduce Sugar Cravings


So What is the CRM Method?

Well, it’s a simple, clean eating, whole food, alkaline approach that focuses on 3 things- cleanse- restore and maintain.

You will be given amazingly tasty recipes (so it’s not about going hungry) and learn new effective health tricks to heal your body from the inside out. After the program, you will develop a set of simple health habits, so that even if you are not 100% perfect with your diet (you don’t have to!), you will still feel amazing and sugar cravings won’t be an issue!


Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Foods with the Total Wellness Cleanse


Maintaining is all about having a balance, but you don’t need to be perfect and eat this way all the time. It’s all about creating a healthy foundation so that you can still enjoy your treats when you choose to (you see- you choose them, they don’t choose you!). You are in control.

But don’t take my word for it. The Total Wellness Cleanse has already helped over 20000people (myself included as you already know ) and it can also help you.

Really, Yuri Elkaim, I can’t help you enough! You have helped me transform not only my health but also my professional life.

Thanks to your program I was able to restore my energy, learn more about health (simple methods are always the best) and inspire many people in the process.

You’re an inspiration!


What’s Next? Take Action and Say No to Sugar Cravings and Finally Lose Weight

Trust me…

Life is better when you have more energy. You will feel happier and more passionate about life. So if you feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I really recommend this program.

It is THE ONLY cleanse I recommend…


If you already know me from my books, you will know I am not a promotor of crazy fads or unrealistic cleanses. This is a big no-no.

Let’s keep it simple! Thanks to dedicated health professionals such as Yuri Elkaim who works really hard to make it possible for us- we can finally  re-energize our lives.


Weight loss and sugar addiction cure will come as an added bonus. Just stick to what he tells you to do in the program and don’t overcomplicate your health.

It is the only program like this on the market today (trust me, I tried many things and spent thousands of dollars on things that didn’t work, don’t repeat my mistake). It is very affordable (just make a decision not to go out for dinner a couple of times, or stop going for expensive coffees- you won’t need them anyway- or say no to this new dress- it will be the best investment in your health you can possibly make). Not to mention the money you will save on doctors…


Prevention is better than cure.


Have a fantastic day and thanks for reading!




Author of How to Lose Massive Weight with the Alkaline Diet









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