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Here comes a short blog post inspired by my dear friend, translator and Spanish editor, Laura. Laura is currently working very hard to translate my book ”Create Your Holistic Wellness Spa 1” into Spanish. Originally, we had a sort of a deadline to stick to. Yesterday, she called me to tell me she wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline as had been sick and because of that she had missed many ‘days’ of work. She first felt sorry, she knows that I am a very goal and success-orientated person and that I love sticking to deadlines. She was surprised when I told her: “So what? The deadlines exist so as to help us work on our motivation. Health and well-being should never be the price for success!”


Do you actually listen to your body? Do you give it enough rest?

Yes, sometimes we need to listen to our body and just slow down. However, do we actually do it on time or only when our body is already so exhausted that the only sign that it can give is an illness and low energy levels? How to find balance? Let’s keep brainstorming with a few of my reflections:


Deadlines and Wellness

As I said before, it’s always good to have a deadline to keep on track. However, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage to get your project done on time. Think about it- what is going to happen? None is going to die, right? There is always a proactive solution!


If your body and mind feel way too exhausted, your work will be less than efficient. Moreover, you might have to invest more of your time, effort and energy later on so as to improve your work. Not to mention your Wellness. Once your Wellness is gone, it takes a while to make it come back and serve your body and mind again. I must admit that very often I don’t follow through what I ‘preach’. I love my work so much that it’s hard for me to take breaks. Luckily, ever since I have realized that I am a workaholic, I made a decision to slow down. I am working on it as much as I can! This is my personal challenge.


Deadlines and Laziness

My mini disclaimer here: I am not advocating laziness. It all comes down to being flexible and realistic. Even though you have a plan, there are many things that can happen. Maybe you have gotten down with a flu, maybe you have some other project coming up, maybe you had to help out a friend who had some personal problems…? As long as you know that you did everything you could to meet your deadlines, your mind should feel fulfilled and anxiety-free. Just be proactive and set up another deadline. Again, remember that your health should come first!


Wellness and Health Credit Card

Let’s make a few comparisons… if you don’t listen to your body and you violate your natural rhythm, you will be using your health credit card. You will get your health credit card debt eventually. Logically, you will have to pay it back! They might even ask you for some interest rate!


Body and Mind Relaxation - Holistic Wellness Project

Body and Mind Relaxation – Holistic Wellness Project

In his book: ”Body Mind Balancing: Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body” Osho says that you should accept your abilities and your limitations. Some people only need to sleep 6 hours a day. Some people need 8 or more. It also depends on a season and on how your body feels in a given moment. As Osho reminds, we should find our own rhythm. Don’t beat yourself up. Act in accordance with your nature. Maybe you are a turtle. So what? Do things slowly.


The same with food

If you are already used to eating healthy, as soon as you deviate from your healthy plan your body will most likely respond in low energy levels. Your mind won’t be focused. When you think about it, it’s all interconnected!


As for your schedule: some people concentrate better first thing in the morning. Some people concentrate better at night. It will take a while to find your own rhythm. But at least now you are aware of such a concept and you can start asking your body what it needs. Trust me: I have achieved success many times, but the price I had to pay was decreased zest for life and health problems. What’s the point of wasting your time to recover if you can always feel good…?


Body & Mind Rejuvenation - Holistic Wellness Project

Body & Mind Rejuvenation – Holistic Wellness Project

So… to sum up: there is one good thing I learned in Spain: the ‘mañana feeling’. Remember: none is going to die if you put it off but… of course: don’t use it as an excuse so as to indulge in laziness. It all comes down to being flexible and respecting your body and your health. If you feel like you can’t carry on- give yourself a break! Sleep, yes! Don’t deprive your body of sleep. Maybe you need to sleep even 10 hours a day to feel great? There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are not procrastinating about or escaping from your work / projects.


First of all, listen to your body and mind. Make sure they function at their optimal levels. Only then plan your professional and personal projects! Don’t use your Health credit cards, trust me: it’s not worth it!


Health & Wellness Before Deadlines!

The result of my Spanish edition project being postponed:

  • I am happy and healthy
  • Laura is happy healthy
  • The book is happy (and so is the translation) and healthy
  • The Spanish-speaking readers will be happy as the book will be much better than it would have been for the original deadline. Hopefully reading my book will help them get healthy too!
  • There is no stress and no pain in the whole process of the Spanish edition
  • Laura can catch up with her other projects including her TEFL course
  • I can catch up with other projects
  • The cover designer has more time to come up with his design. He ‘s probably happy that I don’t hassle him.


And so: there is WELLNESS as a result of a proactive decision!


Keep on doing what you’re doing but take care of your body and mind connection first!


Take Care of Your Body: the only place you have to liveJim Rohn


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