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Do you want to break the vicious cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness, and exhaustion? Do you want to embrace the “here and now” and supercharge your body and mind? Mindfulness will help. In this section, you will discover the most effective mindfulness tips to help you create peace and happiness in a truly holistic way!

Reduce Your Stress Levels in a Few Minutes a Day with Chakra Balancing


Simple ways to restore balance to look and feel amazing

The best way to get your chakras balanced and ultimately feel completely relaxed in every aspect is to lead a simple, yet organized lifestyle, where wellness is your main priority. There is no need to spend hours on ‘extravagant healing activities’. We want to keep it simple, effective and fun. We want to create a few simple healing habits, such as meditation,  that are easy to follow. Every day should be like a mini holistic retreat for you to love, and I am just about to show you how to do it! Here is exactly what I do to balance my chakras for health, overall wellbeing, and spiritual personal development. Continue reading

5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Meditation Success & Feel Relaxed


Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners











Meditating is an incredible stress-relieving technique that can help you relax and find more peace in your life. While it may seem daunting, meditation is actually incredibly simple, and furthermore: fun! You can meditate with any amount of time you have available to set aside, and there are so many enjoyable strategies and techniques you can use to increase your success with meditation and feel more relaxed in your life! If you are going to practice meditating, it is best that you set aside time every day in order to meditate. However, if you have a busy schedule or find that you simply can’t afford daily time to invest in this relaxation technique, you can also consider scheduling it in a few times a week. The idea is to develop a regular practice that allows you to remain consistent and continually focus on increasing peace in your life. For those who have read up on meditation as a relaxation strategy in the past, you may have felt overwhelmed with the amount of information available. If you spend too much time reading on how to meditate, you might find that it seems to be a lot of work just to let go of some stress! The reality is, meditation is incredibly easy and a lot of fun. If you are ready to get started, and want to infuse your life with this pleasant relaxation strategy, then read on for five incredible tips on how you can start, today!


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Heal Your Life  by Unleashing the Power of Mindfulness to Forgive Others



Mindfully Forgive

Adopting a peaceful and loving lifestyle is the path that will lead you to being more mindful and forgiving of others. The pain you feel is often internal when you carry grudges, sadness, or disappointed feelings around with you. The person or persons these feelings are directed at may not feel anything at all. They may be unable to see the pain they caused or even lack the ability to care that they have caused your troubled emotions. By learning how to forgive others using mindfulness, you will be able to heal your life, feel a weight lifted off of your soul, and forget about the old traumas that have plagued you. You are going to learn how to forgive others, be at peace with yourself, as well as gain a better understanding of what mindfulness truly means. Continue reading


Mindfulness for Busy People

Short and Sweet Life Saving Mindfulness Meditations

I very often get asked :

Marta,  I just don’t have the time to meditate…is it worth meditating for only a few  minutes a day? Will it make any difference?”

This is something I can totally relate to. I am busy myself. It’s not that I have the whole day just to relax, meditate and drink my green smoothies while listening to relaxation music. But the truth is that it’s usually  this “all or nothing” mindset that can be preventing us from moving forward and achieving success (whether it’s healh, diet, fitness or other areas of life). We tell ourselves that in order to take care of our body and mind, we need to have tons of free time, and do nothing but self-care all day long. This is a limiting belief actually! Self-care is always possible. It’s all about creating new, empowering habits. This is why I created this blog, I had struggled with health and many other areas of my life, and it wasn’t until I discovered the transformational power of positive mindset (focus on solutions, not on problems) that I could actually create long-lasting changes and restore balance (mini disclaimer here, perfect balance never exists, but as soon as you focus on neglected areas of your health or life and give it some love, you are closer to a balanced, happy life!). In this post, I share my simple meditation tricks that you can use daily, to be more at peace with yourself, even if you’re busy. Continue reading


Take care of Your Body, Mind & Soul

 Is Wellness and Balance Only About a Healthy Body, Spa and Herbs?

This is what I have been thinking about lately. So what is really going on and what is my definition of holistic wellness and a balanced lifestyle? Is it about being super perfect-eco-organic with your diet and about knowing all about herbs, natural remedies and holistic oils? And what the heck does the word “holistic” actually mean? Is it healthy? Is it natural? Is it peaceful? Is it relaxing? Or maybe it seemly means- honest and not afraid to dive deep?  First of all, everyone is different, and so everyone has a different answer to these questions. The most important answer is your own answer, as it will help you clarify your path in life (you can always change your mind; nothing is set in stone)… Continue reading

How to Actually Feel Nicely Relaxed in Less Than 5 Minutes


Effective Relaxation Techniques for Busy People

Let’s face it- too much uncontrolled stress and happiness do not go hand in hand. Too much stress can take control over your wellness and your emotions. And we don’t want that to happen, right?

Here’s one thing to keep in mind- stress in life is inevitable. The mere fact we are alive means we will be exposed to certain levels of stress here and there. But…. (good news) feeling stressed-out is not inevitable. In fact, we have the power to control it…

In this post I want to share with you one of my favorite relaxation techniques that I perform daily or almost daily. It’s a real game changer. I am a really nervous person by nature. I accepted it and decided to focus on the solutions, because focusing on solutions instead of problems always helps.

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Simple Guided Meditation to Overcome Negative Feelings


Meditation to feel good again

We’ve all been there. When you just feel overwhelmed and nothing is going your way. Suddenly you don’t even feel like listening to Tony Robbins’ motivational speeches and even though you know you could try to change your state, something is holding you back. You feel paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Personally, I believe that we are also meant to experience negative emotions and situations as they make us appreciate good moments in life. I am currently trying to learn how to be grateful even in negative situations because they make me stronger. I don’t mean- just to know how to be grateful in an intellectual way, but how to embrace this feeling with all your heart. Here’s a very simple meditation for when you’re having a bad day. Accept it. Even the most positive and successful people experience bad days and very often these bad days can be a blessing in disguise… Please read the guided meditation attached below and download it from the link above (thank you technology, thanks to you we can fight bad days with ease!).

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Easy Meditation Tips for Amazing Results

Easy Meditation Tips for Amazing Results

Easy Meditation Tips for Amazing Results

Meditation is not about theory. Meditation is all about practice that results in visible and tangible results you deserve. This is why, this post is all about the practical side of meditation and how to make it your habit. I know what you’re thinking. ”Create a habit” sounds a bit boring and preachy. But from now on, I want you to perceive meditation as a habit you can’t even live without. I guess that you are researching information on meditation not because you just want to intellectually know it, but mainly because you want to experience all its benefits (BTW. check out my previous post on benefits of meditation here) right? It’s like going to the gym. You need to be consistent with it. You will never create strong muscles if you only go once or twice, right? So if you are ready to change your relationship with meditation and add it to your holistic wellness and personal development toolbox, read on. The best thing about mastering the habit of meditation (I believe we can never master meditation itself as it is a journey, but we can master the habit of it) is that it’s free. Moreover, you can use it whenever and wherever you want. No crazy rituals, no special equipment. Just you and your willingness to meditate. Before we dive into it, remember to download your Guided 5 Senses Meditation here (it’s free).

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Combine Mindfulness with Motivation and Achieve Holistic Success


Motivation-Just Do It!

Do you think you could do more if you were more motivated? Do you get excited about new projects or resolutions, only to quit after a few days? Do you find it hard to focus on your goals? Do you constantly compare yourself to other people and end up feeling frustrated? Do you have problems with getting things done or sticking to things you know you should be doing? If so, no worries, I have been there myself. For years, I have struggled with lack of motivation. I could not create new habits. It wasn’t until I learned how to combine mindfulness with motivation that I was able to turn my never ending to-do lists and anxiety attacks into easy and doable action plans that helped me trick my brain, take action (even when I was not motivated), move forward, be consistent, and get results. In this article, you will discover a very simple motivational technique that will help you keep on track, even when you have a bad day (we all do sometimes) without feeling overwhelmed.

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Fight Emotional Eating with Mindfulness and Mindful Eating


Practise mindfulness while eating

Has it ever happened that you were so focused on dieting and WHAT you HAD to eat, that you totally forgot about the importance of HOW you eat? Or maybe, you realized you already know what works for you in terms of nutrition, but you kind of fell victim to destructive, emotional eating patterns and did not even try those healthy recipes? Or do you just find the whole dieting thing too stressful? The problem is that many diet and weight loss gurus only tell you what to eat, not HOW to eat, and it’s always the information that is pretty much the same. Come on, most adults already know what is healthy. Also, it’s not only about information. Information is useless if we don’t apply it. This is why discovering mindful eating can help. You will finally get to the root of the problem while improving your health, not only physically but also emotionally. Mindful eating will make you feel so much more relaxed! Read on to learn a few simple strategies to say good bye to mindless eating that only spoils your health efforts. If you’re ready for big changes that the holistic approach can offer, read on!

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