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Reduce Your Stress Levels in a Few Minutes a Day with Chakra Balancing


Simple ways to restore balance to look and feel amazing

The best way to get your chakras balanced and ultimately feel completely relaxed in every aspect is to lead a simple, yet organized lifestyle, where wellness is your main priority. There is no need to spend hours on ‘extravagant healing activities’. We want to keep it simple, effective and fun. We want to create a few simple healing habits, such as meditation,  that are easy to follow. Every day should be like a mini holistic retreat for you to love, and I am just about to show you how to do it! Here is exactly what I do to balance my chakras for health, overall wellbeing, and spiritual personal development.

Easy Ways to Re-Balance Your Chakras

1. I use nature as my healer. I have made a conscious decision to move out of the city, and have been living in the countryside near the woods for a few years now. I walk in nature daily and admire the colors and sounds, and I touch the trees. Do it for only 15 minutes a day and you will re-balance your chakras even without thinking too much about it. Too much thinking brings on stress!


Even if you live in the city, try to find a park here and there and enjoy a short 15 mind walk. It doesn’t have to be long. Just focus on every free second you have to relax. You may want to read my book: “Mindfulness for Busy People” for more inspiration. Really, less can be better as long as you get your intention right.


2. I have a diary and take notes of my imbalances and how they connect to each other. You will also notice that when you start working on your emotions, your physical health improves, and the other way round. If you are thinking of visiting a holistic health practitioner and keeping a diary, these are excellent tools for this process.


The practitioner won’t be surprised; it’s their job! So don’t be ashamed to show them your diary. It will help you achieve your holistic wellness. You can also create your spiritual mastermind in your local area or online. It can be a real game changer, because you won’t feel alone on your journey. In your mastermind, you can discuss your everyday problems and ask other members for help. At the same time, you can also help others which creates an amazing healing energy.


3. Freestyle meditation with no steps to follow. This is perfect! All you need to do is to close your eyes and breathe. If you have never tried to breathe in and out only using your mouth, give it a try. It is a great tool to clean all chakras. You may also notice physical tension in some areas, so make a note in your chakra diary later. I have a free guided meditation I recorded for you and you can get it for free here. I hope you will enjoy it.


4. Create your home spa and disconnect with aromatherapy.

I have actually written a few books and articles on aromatherapy and how you can use it to alleviate physical, mental, and emotional tension. One of them is free on Amazon Kindle and it’s called: “Holistic Wellness Treatments”. Essential oils are a great tool to raise your vibration and balance your chakras.


I suggest you secure your free copy here from Amazon Kindle as it will add more holistic balance tools to your life. As you already know, one imbalance leads to another. The most important thing about aromatherapy for wellbeing is to follow your intuition and choose fragrances that you are attracted to. I have noticed that most of my patients use their sense of smell to choose essential oils that are also more than recommended for them to alleviate other common ailments, even on physical and mental level.


5. Consider volunteering for your community. I don’t want to preach here, as I know that very few modern people have time to volunteer. I currently volunteer for only four hours a week, and I offer my massage services to an organization that helps homeless people and ex-addicts. I get paid in a really amazing feeling of being useful and living my purpose. On a more egoistic level, I disconnect from my own problems; I feel more grateful for what I have and I feel richer. We are all rich, but we often don’t realize it. Our Western society is very rich.


Think about it- you have a computer and a phone! And you live in a house and you have food. We have more than we can appreciate! Europe, North America, Australia, and a few more countries from other continents are the minority of a population that live in abundance. Even if you struggle to pay rent, you are rich. Not to mention the fact that if you are reading this post, it means you want to improve yourself and are looking for spirituality.


You are definitely rich! Ever since I realized this, I now wake up and feel grateful for my bed, the blankets, the pillows, the ceiling, and everything that is my shelter. Try it and see how your day will go. If you don’t have time to volunteer, make a list of some people you know and offer them your help for no reason. Observe your positive emotions cropping up.


6. Experience the pleasure of music therapy.

Different strokes for different folks… everyone is into different kinds of music. I encourage you to start collecting your favorite songs and music sets to inspire your mentality and feel connected with something that can’t be touched, yet can be experienced. Music is just like Reiki, or meditation. You will feel the positive effect it has on your emotions. As you have learned from this little chakra booklet, positive emotions are what chakras need to be balanced, and they will pay you back in vibrant health, both on a physical and mental level. I use music in my guided meditations that you can get for free HERE.



Everyone can receive Reiki; it doesn’t matter what particular religion they believe in. Personally, I don’t know my religion; I just haven’t figured it out yet. I guess that personal development is my philosophy in life, and I want to feel useful while I am on this planet. So again, I have respect for your beliefs and religion. Whatever makes you stronger, fulfilled, and connected is fantastic. But you can still explore Reiki!


Reiki is an intuitive healing system that works with universal energy. I know that its definition sounds really, really weird-this is why I would encourage you to try it instead of reading about it. Once you have felt it and experienced it, you will understand. Basically, during the session, the reiki healer, connects to the cosmic healing energy and transmits it to you through his hands. There is no touch involved in this therapy and I would recommend it to people who for some reason don’t like being massaged.


8. Reiki attunement

It is an introduction to Reiki that will teach you how to do Reiki on yourself and on others. You will learn more about chakras, chakra balancing, and meditation. Everyone can do it. After doing my first level of Reiki, I thought, “I should have done this earlier!”.


However, I always used to think that I wasn’t prepared spiritually. To be honest, it is a tool you can use to apply this alternative form of healing whenever you need to. Even though many people are skeptical, Reiki is even practiced in some hospitals. It can be combined with natural and standard treatments and medications. It can be done on children and pregnant women.


I have written a book where I share all my experiences step-by-step. In case you want to practice Reiki to heal yourself and others, it will help you make the most of it and really align yourself with your new purpose. How reiki changed my life is a topic for another day…


9. Tee grounding meditation

Take your shoes off. Stand firmly on the ground and breathe in deeply. If you can do this exercise in nature (such as the beach, woods, mountains, etc.) it can be an unforgettable experience of the here and now.


Close your eyes and imagine that your feet are actually rooted to the ground. Focus on your feet first; tell your subconscious that you feel strong and that no storm can beat you. Now imagine the healing, white light entering your body through your feet. Feel the warmth and energy radiating and entering your body up higher and higher. With each breath, you feel stronger.


Remember keep it simple. Plan your rituals once a week. You don’t want to end up with a massive spirituality to-do list (it will lose its relaxation touch!). Instead, just sit down and write down one simple goal a day. This is how you will be able to rebalance your chakras and enjoy the process.


Example: Monday- walk in nature
Tuesday- gratitude
Wednesday- mastermind with like minded holistic warriors.
Consistency is the key!


I have written numerous books on health, wellness and spirituality and I would be honored to have you as a reader. I face similar problems and issues like everyone else, but my commitment to helping others achieve holistic, mind-body-soul wellness has been an amazing help and inspiration for me. By focusing on the positive and on becoming the best version of ourselves, we can also help and inspire others!


Marta Tuchowska


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