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Tony Robbins Talks about the Alkaline Diet

Tony Robbins and the Alkaline Diet

Tony Robbins and the Alkaline Diet

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts, I adore Tony Robbins. I find his coaching really fascinating because what he teaches comes from his heart, and all his ideas are unique and inspiring. I always look up to him and do whatever I can to work on my creativity. I would love to be able to make changes in people’s lives just like Tony Robbins does! As a wellness and health freak, I was really happy to notice that in his coaching, Tony always underlines the importance of a healthy body with a connection to the mind and spirit. This is an undeniable fact. A couple years ago, I watched one of his motivational videos where he talked about the Alkaline Diet. I thought, “This must be one of his secrets!”


The Alkaline Diet for a Positive Mind

There’s so much to learn from Tony Robbins. Whenever I feel like I need to motivate myself more to accomplish my goals, I just go to www.youtube.com and watch random videos of Tony Robbins’ seminars from all over the globe. In fact, my rule is 15 minutes a day of motivational videos by Tony Robbins will always fuel my batteries with positive energy and creativity. His attitude is so infectious, and I find it really fascinating that this man was able to achieve such massive success in all areas of his life (including health). He became a millionaire by simply following his passion.


Tony Robbins advocates the  Alkaline Diet

If you are looking for better health and more zest for life, your search stops here.

Grab yourself a green juice / herbal infusion / water with lemon  (or your preferred alkaline drink) first and make this positive energy your very own.


What I always do when watching or listening to Tony Robbins is thinking how I can carry on spreading this extremely positive vibe. I just love motivating other people whenever I can. So first, let me show you who motivates me!


This is a very easy and effective way to increase your motivation, isn’t it?

Trust me… motivation is something we all need to work on. Many friends and clients tell me: “oh Marta, you are always so motivated, you just have it so easy! “Trust me, I deal with procrastination on a daily basis. I just accepted the fact that I must make my personal development my priority. This is why I just fight for what’s mine! yes, I do everything I can do be as healthy and focused as I can. Why do I do it? Because I want to enjoy life and help others enjoy it too…now, go and spread the word. Let’s make the world a healthier place!


Interested in the Alkaline Diet? Do you want to learn how to actually stick with it?

Grab my book: “Alkaline Diet Motivation” and start creating your Alkaline lifestyle today- happy body = happy mind!



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