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Drink smoothies to have more energy!

Smart Way to Use Raw Foods to Have Unstoppable Energy and Zest for Life!

As an ex-caffeine addict, I know that it’s not easy to transition from hectoliters of coffee to green smoothies. Very few people can go cold turkey even if, deep inside, they want to. It’s because of the fact that when  your body gets addicted to caffeine, it starts suffering from side effects, like headaches or even moodiness, when you just “switch it off” from one day to another. I also believe that there is nothing wrong with an occasional use of caffeine. Personally, I am a big fan of green tea. Of course, don’t overdo it. This is why I recommend you try this smoothie. It will help you make a transition to quit or reduce coffee, reduce anxiety in your life and just FEEL good. Continue reading

alkaline diet

Cleanse your liver with this green alkaline smoothie recipe

How to Create Unstoppable Energy and Vibrant Health with our Super Easy Alkaline Smoothie Recipe!

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Add more raw foods to your diet. This original smoothie will help you get your energy levels back. It’s a great combination of alkaline (=sugar and yeast free) and detoxifying ingredients, and its citric scent will help you energize your senses, as well. This smoothie will be more effective if you consume it first thing in the morning before you have eaten anything. Remember to eat a clean diet. No amount of this smoothie will help if you neglect the basics and don’t take care of your nutrition in the first place. One more thing- this smoothie is a great hangover killer. Of course, remember that drinking in moderation or not drinking at all it the best solution. I am not saying that you can drink as much as you want and this smoothie recipe will solve it all. I am just letting you know that if you are going to your best friend’s wedding party, you need to master making this smoothie first…I suggest you have one before you go out and one a day after. If you are looking for natural hangover prevention, I additionally recommend you check out a homeopathic remedy called Nux Vomica. Continue reading

alkaline diet

How to lose weight without feeling stressed out

Weight Loss with the Alkaline Diet: It’s about Eating Right!

Chances are you may already be familiar with all I am going to share. But maybe…maybe you still don’t know if you can apply it and make it happen for you…Why? because of all the brainwashing and marketing tactics that are very often used in health and fitness area. You know…people very often focus on aesthetics or quick fixes and these are not always healthy, and to lose weight and keep it off, we need to focus on HEALTH first. This is what I always preach…well..if you know me you know I don’t really “preach”. I just share. Personally, I don’t like to be judged or preach to, so I try to avoid it myself…Anyway, here’s my #1 Weight Loss Tip…

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Alkaline drinks

Healing and Comforting Alkaline Drinks












Keep Hydrated with Extremely Simple Alkaline Drinks (perfect for busy people)

Are you looking for alkaline drink recipes that are easy to make, healing and nutritious? Something you can add to your busy schedule without feeling overwhelmed with too many ingredients or complicated juicer/blender routines? If your answer is yes, you will love the ideas included in this post. I know what it’s like when you feel like you don’t have the time to eat (or in this case- drink) in a healthy way. The problem is that we very often associate healthy lifestyle with complicated rituals. While there are also many “advanced” recipes that I promote and that I enjoy preparing in my free time, I am also a big fan of SOS recipes. It’s always good to have them in your alkaline wellness toolbox so that you don’t indulge in unhealthy temptations. Most unwanted food cravings, headaches and the desire to just drink coffee are mostly due to one problem- being acidic and dehydrated. Alkaline drinks serve us to solve this problem and feel naturally energized. With more energy we can enjoy the sense of joy and wellbeing and we feel more motivated to stay healthy. So let’s get down to it (as the recipes are still fresh in my mind, lol)…

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Alkaline Diet- The Common Sense Approach

Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Diet Lifestyle Q&A

Lately, I have been getting lots of questions about the Alkaline Diet. Since the questions I quote today are the questions I was asking myself when I first got started on my alkaline journey, I decided to turn them into a Q & A session blog article that all my dear readers can benefit from. I always say that everyone is different and everyone has a unique style of eating which is beautiful. The most important thing when it comes to creating wellness through balanced nutrition, is to listen to your body. Of course, there are certain rules to keep in mind, and having a reliable and proven source of information can save you lots of time and frustration. However, remember that I am not telling you to go on a super strict alkaline diet. I am giving you information and inspiration so that you can create your own alkaline way and I am not saying that what I do is the only path to wellness and health. Even though I am an alkaline girl, and I love it, I take inspiration from other diets as well. I try to keep my mind open. Nothing is set in stone. With that being said, we are ready to dive into questions and answers!

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Your Nutritious and Delicious Alkaline Recipes on the Go

Alkaline Recipes

Alkaline Cooking for Busy Folks


Very often, I hear my family, friends or clients saying: “I heard of the alkaline diet, it makes sense, and I am really motivated to try, but the problem is time. How can I make it work on a busy schedule?” or “ I went alkaline for a couple of weeks and felt great, but it was kind of getting time-consuming, and so I got off track. How do I turn my motivation into sustainable, alkaline-friendly habits?” Now, let me clear up one thing: while I do agree that the common belief that “self-care is easier/more doable when one has more free time” is not untrue, I must also admit that not all people who have plenty of free time eat healthy. Plus, you can also find people on super busy schedules who simply learn how to plan their meals and organize their lifestyles so that their nutrition does not suffer. If this is something you would like to learn, read on, and you will understand that more often than not, “I don’t have time” is an excuse. You are just about to discover the basics of “health productivity”!

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 The Alkaline Diet  Made Amazingly Delicious!


Embracing Alkalinity

I’m extremely excited to announce the launch of my new alkaline diet cookbook: “The Alkaline Diet Spiced Up: 50+ Amazing Asian Alkaline (100% Vegan) Recipes for Weight Loss and Wellness” which is now available on Amazon in kindle e-book and paperback format.   My main reason behind putting it together was to show you how much oriental taste, variety and creativity you can actually enjoy while following the alkaline diet. I’ve been working on making my own alkaline lifestyle as exciting and inspiring for others as possible for quite awhile now.  My book reveals just that- alkalinity is easy, tasty, gives you all the energy you need plus there is no reason to become a martyr, count calories or go hungry. The Alkaline Diet is not about going hungry- it’s about eating healthy and delicious foods that support your health and fitness goals in a holistic way. I see the alkaline diet as holistic therapy, it feeds your body, mind and spirit and helps balance your emotions. I really feel like it added to my own personal story of body and mind transformation to reaching my current level of health success and fulfilment.

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