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Quick Alkaline Lunch Ideas (raw or almost raw)

Easy and Nourishing Alkaline Lunches for Hot Summers

If you are looking for easy alkaline lunch recipes to energize your body and mind, you have come to the right place. This post contains 3 fully plant based recipes that are great for beginners. They will help you add more green alkaline foods into your diet, not to mention adding more raw foods- these are always great! The recipes use what I call common-sense superfoods, that, in most cases are really easy to find in most grocery stores. Depending on where you live, nori may me a bit more difficult to find, but, on a positive note, nori is becoming more and more main-stream and therefore easier to find. At the end of this post, I included some Amazon recommendations, in case you are not able to find all the ingredients locally. Here’s to your health- alkaline, vegan and full of life. Pick up the recipe and get started! Continue reading

Easy & Refreshing Alkaline Soup Recipe Anyone Can Make!


Alkaline Soup Recipe

What makes this soup special? It’s easy, fresh, extremely alkalyzing and great for warm days! Cucumbers are very good for flushing out toxins from the body and therefore aiding weight loss, they also help to provide the skin with essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and silicone (this is what makes them super alkaline!). Garlic not only adds great flavour to this soup, but it is another great food for detoxing your system, and the capsicum in the chili adds to the immune-boosting benefits of this soup. Lime juice helps to improve digestion and so it further aids in detoxing the system and boosting weight loss. Coconut water is high in electrolytes and is known to be the ultimate thirst quencher. Fantastic after streneous workouts! This cold alkaline soup is incredibly refreshing on a hot afternoon. It can also be combined with some cooked food, as a side dish, it’s up to you! Continue reading

Alkaline green smoothie

Almost Alkaline Green Smoothie

Super Green Apple and Spirulina Smoothie

Green apples are known to be an excellent anti-ageing ingredient due to their high fiber and anti-oxidant properties; they help maintain healthy, supple skin. Green apples are also great for nourishing the skin due to their vitamin density and are also great for skin whitening and brightening. If organic, apples are best eaten with the skin on as it contains a large amount of the apple’s nutrients. Spirulina is a super food that is made from algae and is known for its immune boosting properties. If you don’t want to use spirulina in this recipe, you can also use barley grass. Ginger is another great addition as its anti-inflammatory properties also help to boost the immune system. The addition of banana to this smoothie gives it a potassium rich base and the Brazil nuts not only add some protein and healthy fats, but they are also high in selenium, which is essential cognitive function, fertility and the immune system. Ground cinnamon is known for its ability to stabilize blood sugar levels, rounding off this smoothie combination as a great option for breakfast. I really recommend this smoothie for beginners as it tastes great and is really easy to make. Continue reading

Alkaline Breakfast? But what the Heck Do I Eat?

Alkaline Lifestyle for Busy Folks

Alkaline Lifestyle for Busy Folks

I hear this all the time: “I would like to eat more alkaline, but I find it very hard to organize myself first thing in the morning”, or “This sounds like a great way of eating and living, but it’s not practical for most people” or “I can do it on weekends but with all the work and family obligations I find it hard during the week” or: “I don’t have time”. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple solutions are always the best. This short post will provide you with easy and nutritious alkaline breakfast recipe ideas and other tips that will help you change your mindset about the alkaline diet and lifestyle. While my previous post: Alkaline Cooking for Busy People  contains very useful preparation tips, this one focuses on one of the biggest roadblocks- alkaline breakfasts. Read on to find out what to do to have awesome energy, mental focus and the feeling of alertness and positivity. Without having to depend on caffeine. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. How you start the day…

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Can This Program Really Help You Look and Feel Amazing?



Is The Total Wellness Cleanse Another Health Scam?

I have been receiving many questions about the Total Wellness Cleanse Program lately, and since I have been through the program twice myself (and I will do it again), I wanted to give you my honest opinion and what you can expect from it.

Some of the questions I got from my followers were: “But isn’t it just another online health scam?” or “How can I know I can trust this guy”, or: “I am not too sure if I can commit to a cleanse”, or” But Marta, you always say you are not a proponent of drastic cleanses and weird detoxes- these are your own words”. Well, in this blog post, we are going to dive deep into the philosophy behind the Total Wellness Cleanse and we will also “investigate” its co-creator, Yuri Elkaim. I hope that the information I present in this post, will help you make a decision so that you know whether this program is actually for, as well as when it’s the best time to commit to it and how to go about it.

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Alkaline Green Drinks Made Painless (Quick’n’Easy!)

Barley Grass for Weight Loss

Barley Grass for Optimal Nutrition

I often get asked about alkaline supplements, green powders as well as how to alkalize fast. The purpose of this post is to give you some really simple recommendations and warn you against some common “healthy supplement” scams. OK, so maybe you heard that you can magically lose weight with the latest green powder mix? Or that you can use some mysterious green herb from the other side of the planet and it will solve all your problems? Well, first of all, the most important thing is to focus on is your nutrition. No amount of supplements will help if you miss this step. Enrich your diet with plenty of vegetables and wholesome foods and avoid processed crap, sodas, excess caffeine, dairy, and alcohol. Even though there is so much conflicting information when it comes to healthy diets, there are two things that always remain the same and most experts agree on: eat more vegetables and eliminate fast food as well as foods that contain chemicals and preservatives. I think this is really common-sense…

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Quick, No Bake, Easy, Dairy-Free, Vegan + Totally Guilt-Free

Healthy Vegan Desserts

Vegan-Raw Desserts

Looking for something tasty, free from all the processed sugar, flour and dairy-products?

Something that is simply delicious, healthy and apart from satisfying your sweet tooth, can also nourish your body helping you feel amazing?

You have come to the right place- what I share in this post will help you get your feet wet in the world of raw food dessert recipes. It’s really easy.

After sharing a few vegan desserts in one of my lasts posts (check it out here) many people asked me for more, and I got very specific requests as for raw desserts, not only baked ones.

I am absolutely positive you will enjoy these. They are compatible with alkaline /vegan and raw-foodish lifestyles (my main inspiration behind creating my nutritional lifestyle for energy and health)…They are also paleo and gluten-free friendly. Check them out and fall in love with wellness and health!

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Vegans and Omnivores Alike Will Be Delighted by These Desserts!

Vegan Desserts

Nutritious Desserts

Just because you choose to eat clean and follow a healthy diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up your favorite desserts. There are many desserts that can be made with wholesome ingredients so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty. For example, you can make no-bake chocolate truffles using dates for sweetener or creamy chocolate mousse using avocado for texture. When it comes to making homemade healthy desserts, the options are unlimited. In this blog post you will receive 3 amazing healthy dessert recipes to get started. All of them are gluten-free and vegan friendly. So, if you are ready to try some tasty but healthy desserts, pick a recipe and get going. You will love them…

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Old Naturopathy Tricks to Restore Your Energy Fast

Alkaline Diet Superfoods

Common-Sense Superfoods

 Welcome to the second episode of our Alkaline Superfoods Adventures. In case you have missed my previous post: Alkaline Superfoods- A Common Sense Approach to Wellness and Health, check it out here. It will hopefully keep you entartained with a few of my “nutritional rants” and give you a quick understanding of what the Alkaline Diet and Lifestyle really are. No starvation. No guilt trips. No unrealistic cleanses. No magical Ph cures or fixes. Just common sense. There is no point in overcomplicating our lives. Here at Holistic Wellness Project we make it easy, and we also take care of your emotional wellness. It’s not only about what you eat but also about how you live. Now, after the first episode of our Superfoody Adventures, we already know that alkaline superfoods are packed with minerals and vitamins that provide your body with optimal health and energy. We know that it’s not about expensive fad supplements and foods that are difficult to find and to pronounce.You can easily find the most nutritios alkaline superfoods at your local grocery store and stay healthy on a budget.

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Everyday Alkaline Superfoods That Will Make You Unstoppable


Alkaline Means Natural

Many of us have heard the term “alkaline superfoods” at this point (sounds faddish) but do we really have an understanding of what they are? Is it about expensive supplements that are difficult to find and to pronounce? Is it about some magical green cures? Nope. In my previous article Alkaline Superfoods: Energize Yourself Fast we concluded that Alkaline Superfoods are (in most cases) simple, everyday, common-sense foods that your granny probably told you to eat more of (like spinach for example). They are packed with minerals and vitamins that provide your body with optimal health and energy. The good news? You can easily find them at your local grocery store and stay healthy on a budget. Let’s start by taking a closer look at what is so special about these foods, and then go onto examine specific choices (the superfoods of the superfoods) that should be added to your diet. I will also help you with the practical part and motivation- how to create amazing recipes to help your body with optimal nutrition.

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