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How to Stay Healthy in Unhealthy Environments

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Your Health Motivation

I recently got an email from a reader and they wanted to confide in me about a problem that is not uncommon- how to stay motivated and carry on your health journey if everyone around you does the opposite? That person told me she enjoyed a healthy, plant-based inspired lifestyle for more than 10 years…Then, because of her work/ business, she was forced to move to a rather depressing part of her country where most people are not at all interested in any holistic transformation. Not to mention any basic self-care. Now, it takes her more than an hour to drive to get some healthy stuff. In the local stores in her area, people actually conform to unhealthy foods because, again, most people don’t care what they eat. To make things worse- she feels laughed at whenever she shows any interest for a healthy lifestyle…In the end, she put on weight, got a bit depressed and asked me for support to get back on track. She asked me for tips and resources on living a healthy life in an unhealthy town…how to break free from bad environments….In her own words: “I can’t even find yoga-it’s that bad.  I guess I’ve hit rock bottom and am just looking for support in any way. I appreciate all you do and put out into the world” Continue reading

Don’t Focus on Your Problems. Focus on Solutions.

The Healing Power of Focus

Start Focusing on What You Have

There are many things we can’t control or change. The only thing we can actually control is how we react to them and what we decide to focus on. What you focus on can change your life and help you create a stronger body and mind. You need to focus on your vision (whether it’s health, life or career). You need to FOCUS on where you’re going instead of where you’re coming from. If you know where’re your going, nothing can stop you. You can have a bad day and still move forward. Now, I am not judging. We all have been through dark periods in our lives; we all have. Sometimes, we may feel trapped in a vicious cycle and don’t know where to start. I can totally relate to this paralyzing, “vicious cycle syndrome.” You just can’t take positive action, even though deep inside you know what to do…

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All You Need to Know to Stay Motivated and Achieve Massive Success


Unlimited Motivation Decoded

I think mid-February is a great time to look at one’s New Year’s resolutions, their progress and motivation… Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, get fit,  make more money, start a new business, get a new job, socialize more, transform your lifestyle- it’s not about gaining more information. Most people know exactly what to do to achieve their goals. The problem is lack of motivation or not enough motivation. Then, there are also limiting beliefs and negative environments that make it hard to get started . I always say that in order to succeed (= achieve your own goals, not someone else’s goals) you need not only information, but also motivation and inspiration. Plus, sometimes we all need a kick in the ass, right? Let me walk you through the following 3 steps to help you jumpstart your personal and professional success…

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