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How to Stay Healthy in Unhealthy Environments

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I recently got an email from a reader and they wanted to confide in me about a problem that is not uncommon- how to stay motivated and carry on your health journey if everyone around you does the opposite? That person told me she enjoyed a healthy, plant-based inspired lifestyle for more than 10 years…Then, because of her work/ business, she was forced to move to a rather depressing part of her country where most people are not at all interested in any holistic transformation. Not to mention any basic self-care. Now, it takes her more than an hour to drive to get some healthy stuff. In the local stores in her area, people actually conform to unhealthy foods because, again, most people don’t care what they eat. To make things worse- she feels laughed at whenever she shows any interest for a healthy lifestyle…In the end, she put on weight, got a bit depressed and asked me for support to get back on track. She asked me for tips and resources on living a healthy life in an unhealthy town…how to break free from bad environments….In her own words: “I can’t even find yoga-it’s that bad.  I guess I’ve hit rock bottom and am just looking for support in any way. I appreciate all you do and put out into the world” Continue reading

Combine Mindfulness with Motivation and Achieve Holistic Success


Motivation-Just Do It!

Do you think you could do more if you were more motivated? Do you get excited about new projects or resolutions, only to quit after a few days? Do you find it hard to focus on your goals? Do you constantly compare yourself to other people and end up feeling frustrated? Do you have problems with getting things done or sticking to things you know you should be doing? If so, no worries, I have been there myself. For years, I have struggled with lack of motivation. I could not create new habits. It wasn’t until I learned how to combine mindfulness with motivation that I was able to turn my never ending to-do lists and anxiety attacks into easy and doable action plans that helped me trick my brain, take action (even when I was not motivated), move forward, be consistent, and get results. In this article, you will discover a very simple motivational technique that will help you keep on track, even when you have a bad day (we all do sometimes) without feeling overwhelmed.

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