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Heal Your Life  by Unleashing the Power of Mindfulness to Forgive Others



Mindfully Forgive

Adopting a peaceful and loving lifestyle is the path that will lead you to being more mindful and forgiving of others. The pain you feel is often internal when you carry grudges, sadness, or disappointed feelings around with you. The person or persons these feelings are directed at may not feel anything at all. They may be unable to see the pain they caused or even lack the ability to care that they have caused your troubled emotions. By learning how to forgive others using mindfulness, you will be able to heal your life, feel a weight lifted off of your soul, and forget about the old traumas that have plagued you. You are going to learn how to forgive others, be at peace with yourself, as well as gain a better understanding of what mindfulness truly means. Continue reading

Creating Your Self-Love Rituals


Love Yourself and Create Yourself

I have noticed that even though so much is being talked about the topic of self-love, very few people actually understand it and practice it. How to define “self-love”? In my opinion, your definition may differ from mine- after all everyone is different. This is the very basics of understanding things from a holistic point of view. One thing for sure- I am certain that those who practice self-love, have more self-esteem and feel more empowered to grow all areas of their life, even in the most difficult moments of their lives. You are just about to discover 10 simple laws that will help you have a passionate love affair with… YOURSELF. From there, things will begin to change…

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How to Become Your Own Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Self-coaching for success

Self-Coaching for Success

If you want to improve your quality of life in all areas in order to pursue constant growth and happiness, you must embrace the idea that you are embarking on a journey of self-coaching. This means that you are committed to learning how to be in control of your life and to inspiring other people in the process. Self-coaching and mutual coaching go hand in hand – we are here to learn from one another. Every day I am inspired by different coaches, mentors, and authors, as well as my followers and very often by random people I don’t even know that well. Am I a teacher? Or am I a student? Trust me, I am just an ordinary girl, looking for answers to increase my own quality of life. I love sharing my strategies with other people. In essence, we are all both teachers and students. Self-coaching is an on-going process that helps you to actively develop your emotional muscles and become stronger as a result.

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