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Reduce Your Stress Levels in a Few Minutes a Day with Chakra Balancing


Simple ways to restore balance to look and feel amazing

The best way to get your chakras balanced and ultimately feel completely relaxed in every aspect is to lead a simple, yet organized lifestyle, where wellness is your main priority. There is no need to spend hours on ‘extravagant healing activities’. We want to keep it simple, effective and fun. We want to create a few simple healing habits, such as meditation,  that are easy to follow. Every day should be like a mini holistic retreat for you to love, and I am just about to show you how to do it! Here is exactly what I do to balance my chakras for health, overall wellbeing, and spiritual personal development. Continue reading

Natural Therapy Coaching Intro – The Best of Holistic Wellness for your Body & Mind

Oriental Therapies - Feng Shui, herbs, homeopathy and healing.

Oriental Therapies

Lots of friends and readers have asked me how I actually got started on natural therapies and how can a busy, modern person make holistic, natural therapies a part of their lifestyle. Is it only about meditating for hours, taking herbs and drinking green smoothies? Well, if you really want to transform your body and mind, you must also work on your mindset. Natural therapy is also about employing your mind and spirit.

So… Let’s get started… I will introduce you to Natural Therapies and will provide you with my own experience and definition of the subject that hopefully can inspire you to take action and improve your quality of life. Natural Therapy and Holistic Stress Management go hand in hand. I talk about it in my book: “Holistic Relaxation“.  Continue reading

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