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Heal Your Life  by Unleashing the Power of Mindfulness to Forgive Others



Mindfully Forgive

Adopting a peaceful and loving lifestyle is the path that will lead you to being more mindful and forgiving of others. The pain you feel is often internal when you carry grudges, sadness, or disappointed feelings around with you. The person or persons these feelings are directed at may not feel anything at all. They may be unable to see the pain they caused or even lack the ability to care that they have caused your troubled emotions. By learning how to forgive others using mindfulness, you will be able to heal your life, feel a weight lifted off of your soul, and forget about the old traumas that have plagued you. You are going to learn how to forgive others, be at peace with yourself, as well as gain a better understanding of what mindfulness truly means. Continue reading

NOT the Easy Way Out But Long-Lasting Changes

Love Yourself

Real Self-Love and What It’s All About…

The following is a quite thought-provoking guest post by my friend Simeon Lindstrom. Simeon is an Amazon bestselling author with a passion for deep personal development and personal success. He is dedicated to a life of learning and continual growth in all aspects so that he can improve the quality of people’s lives through his books.  He walks the talk and he knows exactly what it takes to create health, happiness and progress. In this article, he wants to help you improve your life through changing your relationship with the concept of self-love commonly preached by mainstream self-help gurus (to give you guys some heads up, Simeon is anti-mainstream self-improvement..).  While Simeon believes in the power of self-love, in this article he will also show you the dark side of self-love and how it could even damage your health! Read on to learn how to actually love yourself the right way, the way you need and deserve so that you can take care of all areas of your health and life creating new habits and doable action plans as well as eliminating limiting beliefs…

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How to Overcome the Internal Struggle and Kick-Start Your Personal Transformation

Motivation. Leave your comfort zone.

Motivation for Transformation

I very often get asked why we struggle to do the things that are good for us. This is something I can actually relate to, personally. A few years ago, I felt torn between information and action. In other words, I would get stuck on information. I struggled to take continuous and persistent action. Many people do, and so today I want to show you a few powerful tools that will help you finally leave the comfort zone and stop procrastinating. I want you to realize why you sometimes abstain from making healthy choices (even though you know they are good for you) and, consequently, what to do so you can actually enjoy the process of your transformation. This can be applied to all areas of your life, not only health. The process for all kinds of transformations is always the same, no matter if you want to lose weight, transform your body, inspire those around you, or start a business. If you really want to change something in your life and create your personal success with your own hands, you cannot find an excuse not to read this post.

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