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Drink smoothies to have more energy!

Smart Way to Use Raw Foods to Have Unstoppable Energy and Zest for Life!

As an ex-caffeine addict, I know that it’s not easy to transition from hectoliters of coffee to green smoothies. Very few people can go cold turkey even if, deep inside, they want to. It’s because of the fact that when  your body gets addicted to caffeine, it starts suffering from side effects, like headaches or even moodiness, when you just “switch it off” from one day to another. I also believe that there is nothing wrong with an occasional use of caffeine. Personally, I am a big fan of green tea. Of course, don’t overdo it. This is why I recommend you try this smoothie. It will help you make a transition to quit or reduce coffee, reduce anxiety in your life and just FEEL good. Continue reading

Energize Yourself with This Guilt Free Vegan Smoothie Treat!

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Delicious & Nutritious Guilt-Free Smoothie

Raw cocoa is known to be one the most powerful and rich sources of anti-oxidants, closely followed by berries. Foods containing anti-oxidants are in many cases referred to as being superfoods. What makes anti-oxidants so important is that they possess anti-ageing properties that not only help you fight the signs of ageing in your skin, but also prevent the premature aging of your body’s cellular makeup. This smoothie is a very tasty and incredibly healthy way to start your day. The banana also adds a nutritional punch with its healthy carbohydrate properties and high potassium quota; potassium is important for optimum muscle function and recovery and therefore is also very helpful when focusing on anti-ageing. The addition of coconut milk gives this recipe a good dose of heart-healthy and cholesterol lowering fats, and the almond butter not only gives it a nutty taste but also adds a protein boost. Continue reading

 The Best Smoothies for Unstoppable Energy and Vibrant Health


Restoring Wellness with Smoothies

Feeling sick and tired? Thinking of grabbing another cup of coffee? Only to be even more sick and tired after a few hours? I have a better solution! Make friends with my favorite “pick-me-up” smoothie recipes. They will keep you energized they way your body and mind need it. I have listed some really simple yet effective smoothie recipes inspired by the Paleo, Alkaline and Macrobiotic Diets. They are all lactose-free and gluten-free. Drink, energize and enjoy! Life is so much better when you feel good and your mind can focus easily. Healthy body and focused mind result in emotional wellness and productivity.  Let’s dive into the World of “Unstoppable Energy” Smoothies!

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