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How to Stay Healthy in Unhealthy Environments

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Your Health Motivation

I recently got an email from a reader and they wanted to confide in me about a problem that is not uncommon- how to stay motivated and carry on your health journey if everyone around you does the opposite? That person told me she enjoyed a healthy, plant-based inspired lifestyle for more than 10 years…Then, because of her work/ business, she was forced to move to a rather depressing part of her country where most people are not at all interested in any holistic transformation. Not to mention any basic self-care. Now, it takes her more than an hour to drive to get some healthy stuff. In the local stores in her area, people actually conform to unhealthy foods because, again, most people don’t care what they eat. To make things worse- she feels laughed at whenever she shows any interest for a healthy lifestyle…In the end, she put on weight, got a bit depressed and asked me for support to get back on track. She asked me for tips and resources on living a healthy life in an unhealthy town…how to break free from bad environments….In her own words: “I can’t even find yoga-it’s that bad.  I guess I’ve hit rock bottom and am just looking for support in any way. I appreciate all you do and put out into the world” Continue reading


Take care of Your Body, Mind & Soul

 Is Wellness and Balance Only About a Healthy Body, Spa and Herbs?

This is what I have been thinking about lately. So what is really going on and what is my definition of holistic wellness and a balanced lifestyle? Is it about being super perfect-eco-organic with your diet and about knowing all about herbs, natural remedies and holistic oils? And what the heck does the word “holistic” actually mean? Is it healthy? Is it natural? Is it peaceful? Is it relaxing? Or maybe it seemly means- honest and not afraid to dive deep?  First of all, everyone is different, and so everyone has a different answer to these questions. The most important answer is your own answer, as it will help you clarify your path in life (you can always change your mind; nothing is set in stone)… Continue reading

How to Actually Be Successful with the Alkaline Diet and Other Fitness and Weight Loss Goals?

Alkaline Weight Loss

Lose Weight with the Alkaline Diet

Maybe it’s only my impression, but people usually tend to make things much more complicated than they really are. With this attitude, it’s actually easy to fail before we start, and we don’t want to end up there, right? In this short blog post, I would like to share two really effective ways to stick to your healthy, alkaline choices. Even if you are following some other nutritional concepts- read on and learn how to prepare yourself for success and achieve wellness that makes it much easier to lose weight and enjoy the process of transforming your body and mind!

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The Alkaline Diet for the Mind 

The Alkaline Diet for happiness.

The Alkaline Diet for happiness.

In this short blog post, I would like to bring up the mental and emotional benefits of utilizing the Alkaline Diet – something that is quite often overlooked.


Generally, people who try this diet analyse it and focus only on the physical benefits like massive weight loss, lessened inflammation, improved digestion, healthier skin, degenerative disease prevention, osteoporosis and arthritis prevention, etc. However, very little is being said about the other powerful changes that this diet can bring into your life on a more holistic level.

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