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How to lose weight without feeling stressed out

Weight Loss with the Alkaline Diet: It’s about Eating Right!

Chances are you may already be familiar with all I am going to share. But maybe…maybe you still don’t know if you can apply it and make it happen for you…Why? because of all the brainwashing and marketing tactics that are very often used in health and fitness area. You know…people very often focus on aesthetics or quick fixes and these are not always healthy, and to lose weight and keep it off, we need to focus on HEALTH first. This is what I always preach…well..if you know me you know I don’t really “preach”. I just share. Personally, I don’t like to be judged or preach to, so I try to avoid it myself…Anyway, here’s my #1 Weight Loss Tip…

Nourish your body, mind, and spirit. This is your alkaline mantra.
Lesson number 1 – You will have to learn to eat more. Yes! You heard me right – eat more. Forget about counting calories and going for processed meals labelled as “low fat” or “low calorie” (but still full of preservatives and harmful ingredients). The whole low-fat thing is an outdated fad from the 9o’s. Let’s not even waste our time talking about fads, OK?
All “diets” tell us to eat less, but the alkaline diet tells us to eat more. Eat more of real foods that give us more energy and prevent us from choosing unhealthy foods. Many food cravings are due to the fact that your body is missing nutrients. It then sends signals to your brain telling you, “feed me, I am hungry.” What do you do? You order a kebab or go on a binge-eating spree.
What’s the solution? Preparation. Eat more. Eat good, alkaline, nutrient-rich foods…These foods should be about 80% of your diet. Look at your plate.
The good news? There is no need to be perfect. Just get the basics right.
This is what I teach in my most popular book: “How to Lose Massive Weight with the Alkaline Diet“.
We recently re-edited it and now it’s much better quality, more recipes and more information. To be more specific, it’s now- 230 pages jam-packed with alkaline content!
But even the last edition did well and it got a 5 star review from Doctor Young, the founder of The pH Miracle. OMG, I was sooo happy!
If you have ever wanted to lose weight, have more energy, and be motivated to improve your health and well-being, this book will help you get on the right track. NO fads no tricks. Just a better lifestyle!
The book takes more of a vegetarian approach, but you could also add some fish or quality meats if you want to. I even explain how to combine “alkaline” with other nutritional lifestyles and I do cater for different diets. I know that everyone is different. What I love about the alkaline diet is that it can be tailored to paleo, vegan, vegetarian- whatever it is that you want to follow… It’s all about keeping this “healthy alkaline balance”
It can also be an amazing gift for someone you love!
Get your copy from Amazon and get more vitality and vibrant health. I can’t wait to hear about your results! 
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