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The Alkaline Diet – The Best Diet to Lose Massive Weight

Alkaline Diet Foods

Alkaline Diet is amazing

Are you looking for an effective way to transform not only your body, but also your mind? Do you wish you had higher energy levels and a zest for life? Do you often find it difficult to stick to a diet? Are you looking for long-term weight loss and wellness success? Well stop searching and focus on the Alkaline Diet! This blog post will change your mind about dieting, and soon you will become naturally motivated to stick to it. Personally, I have tried many different diets. However, they only lasted for a short period of time. I have never managed to stick to any specific diet until I found the Alkaline Diet. To me, it’s not just a diet… it’s much more than that.


The Alkaline Diet is a Lifestyle

Personally, I believe that when most people hear the word “diet”, they automatically become skeptical and assume it will be hard to stick to. They expect it to be very difficult from the beginning just from the word “diet”. This is because most people assume it limits their food intake so much that it’s practically starvation. THAT’S MISTAKE NUMBER ONE! We need to first change your thought process. First, you need to make a conscious decision that you will change your lifestyle and transform your body and mind. This process will actually be enjoyable; after all, your body is your temple! The Alkaline Diet is easier than you think. Let me just provide you with a general outline.


The Alkaline Diet: What Makes it Easier than Other Diets?

  • Most diets, if not all of them, start with some very clear dos and don’ts. For example, if you want to be 100% Paleo, you should follow the Palaeolithic philosophy and only stick to the foods that we are physiologically designed to eat. Our Palaeolithic ancestors were hunters and gatherers, and so a Paleo dieter will only stick to meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and anything else that could be hunted or picked up from the Earth. I am not saying that this diet is bad; I know many people who found their wellness and weight loss success in this very Paleolithic-styled diet. I also know some people who know how to combine a Paleo and Alkaline diet.


  • The Alkaline Diet has a very general guideline: in order to restore health, energy levels, and to lose weight, one should alkalinize their body. This is achieved by sticking to an 80/20 rule. 80% of your diet should be alkaline foods and the remaining 20% can be acidic. If you are already healthy and simply wish to maintain it, then try a 70/30, or as some experts say, a 65/35 rule is fine. What does it mean to us? It gives us more variety in our diet. It also means that there is no definite “goodbye” to the foods we absolutely love. It’s all about how we should reduce some of those and stick to the alkaline foods (they are extremely delicious… trust me!)


  • As you start alkalizing your system, you should feel higher energy levels after a few days or within a week. This is great news for anyone just starting a diet! I am a firm believer in body and mind connection: your body will feel much better and you’ll notice that you’ll have more energy without the ups and downs of caffeine. A focused mind is a positive mind, and if you are feeling positive you can achieve anything! You’ll feel like anything is possible. This will keep you motivated to stick with diet so you won’t fall back to bad habits. I mean, who would miss the acidic world of weight gain, poor energy levels, allergies, and inflammation?


  • You will finally realize that instead of saying, “No pain, no gain,” you will say, “No pleasure, no gain!” This is what I always say, like a broken record: “Alkaline foods are extremely delicious!” No one will ever preach to you to avoid acidic foods. Of course, you must be wise; you don’t want to spoil your alkaline lifestyle by eating processed foods. However, not all acidic foods are bad. There are many healthy grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables that are acidic, and they still can be incorporated into your diet. It’s ultimately all about balance. Your body also needs acidic foods to function properly; eating 100% alkaline can be harmful to your body. That is not the point of the Alkaline Diet.


  • So, we have come to a conclusion that the Alkaline Diet is an amazing, alkalizing lifestyle and that you can combine with any other diet you want. Personally, I combine it with the Paleo Diet, the Macrobiotic Diet, and of course, the Mediterranean Diet (I will be writing more that soon).


The Alkaline Diet: How to Stay Motivated

Now that you’ve changed your perception about the Alkaline world, and you understand that it’s not just a typical, mind-numbing diet, I would like to provide you with some extremely motivating Alkaline Diet resources.

Use the power of your mind to work for your new, healthy and balanced alkaline lifestyle. And let your alkaline lifestyle work for your mind! Keep reading for my next blog post; I will make you even more interested in Alkalinity. There is more mental and emotional benefits to the Alkaline Diet than you can possibly imagine!


Motivational Resources to Start an Alkaline Diet Lifestyle

I adore Tony Robbins. He is positive, healthy, and focused, and his energy is just infectious. His life is a source of inspiration for the many people that attend his seminars to learn his secrets to improving their quality of life. Tony reveals it all. After all, inspiring others is his full-time job!


Check out the following resources


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The Alkaline Diet Motivator
The Alkaline Diet is a healthy and balanced diet that can help you lose weight, feel more focused, happier and more energetic.

  • This is very motivating Marta. Love the messages you express here. And I also love Tony Robbins too. I also strongly believe in the power of an alkaline diet. I am on that diet for over a year now; and I am definitely feeling more energy;) Again thanks for the sharing. Look forward to what’s coming up later!

    • Yes, I agree with you Tracy, I agree with you 200%!!!

      Tony Robbins is one of the best coaches ever, I look up to him. He could motivate so many people, including me, of course.

      Now, isn’t that amazing that you can absorb his knowledge and keep on track just by watching one of his videos or reading one of his books?

      Now, imagine..attending one of his seminars, that would be AWESOME!!!

      How about that: we attend one of his seminars together?

      Let’s turn idea into a plan. The plan!!!

      All the best to you,

      Thanks for taking interest in my blog,

      XXx Marta

      • Hey Marta,

        Would love to attend his seminar with you. But first I will have to earn $$$;) And I need to earn $$$ to travel to Barcelona to see you too. lol..

        Yes the plan!!!

        Thanks again for the great content;)

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