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Alkaline green smoothie

Almost Alkaline Green Smoothie

Super Green Apple and Spirulina Smoothie

Green apples are known to be an excellent anti-ageing ingredient due to their high fiber and anti-oxidant properties; they help maintain healthy, supple skin. Green apples are also great for nourishing the skin due to their vitamin density and are also great for skin whitening and brightening. If organic, apples are best eaten with the skin on as it contains a large amount of the apple’s nutrients. Spirulina is a super food that is made from algae and is known for its immune boosting properties. If you don’t want to use spirulina in this recipe, you can also use barley grass. Ginger is another great addition as its anti-inflammatory properties also help to boost the immune system. The addition of banana to this smoothie gives it a potassium rich base and the Brazil nuts not only add some protein and healthy fats, but they are also high in selenium, which is essential cognitive function, fertility and the immune system. Ground cinnamon is known for its ability to stabilize blood sugar levels, rounding off this smoothie combination as a great option for breakfast. I really recommend this smoothie for beginners as it tastes great and is really easy to make. Continue reading

Energize Yourself with This Guilt Free Vegan Smoothie Treat!

Clean eating

Delicious & Nutritious Guilt-Free Smoothie

Raw cocoa is known to be one the most powerful and rich sources of anti-oxidants, closely followed by berries. Foods containing anti-oxidants are in many cases referred to as being superfoods. What makes anti-oxidants so important is that they possess anti-ageing properties that not only help you fight the signs of ageing in your skin, but also prevent the premature aging of your body’s cellular makeup. This smoothie is a very tasty and incredibly healthy way to start your day. The banana also adds a nutritional punch with its healthy carbohydrate properties and high potassium quota; potassium is important for optimum muscle function and recovery and therefore is also very helpful when focusing on anti-ageing. The addition of coconut milk gives this recipe a good dose of heart-healthy and cholesterol lowering fats, and the almond butter not only gives it a nutty taste but also adds a protein boost. Continue reading

Don’t Focus on Your Problems. Focus on Solutions.

The Healing Power of Focus

Start Focusing on What You Have

There are many things we can’t control or change. The only thing we can actually control is how we react to them and what we decide to focus on. What you focus on can change your life and help you create a stronger body and mind. You need to focus on your vision (whether it’s health, life or career). You need to FOCUS on where you’re going instead of where you’re coming from. If you know where’re your going, nothing can stop you. You can have a bad day and still move forward. Now, I am not judging. We all have been through dark periods in our lives; we all have. Sometimes, we may feel trapped in a vicious cycle and don’t know where to start. I can totally relate to this paralyzing, “vicious cycle syndrome.” You just can’t take positive action, even though deep inside you know what to do…

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Alkaline Breakfast? But what the Heck Do I Eat?

Alkaline Lifestyle for Busy Folks

Alkaline Lifestyle for Busy Folks

I hear this all the time: “I would like to eat more alkaline, but I find it very hard to organize myself first thing in the morning”, or “This sounds like a great way of eating and living, but it’s not practical for most people” or “I can do it on weekends but with all the work and family obligations I find it hard during the week” or: “I don’t have time”. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Simple solutions are always the best. This short post will provide you with easy and nutritious alkaline breakfast recipe ideas and other tips that will help you change your mindset about the alkaline diet and lifestyle. While my previous post: Alkaline Cooking for Busy People  contains very useful preparation tips, this one focuses on one of the biggest roadblocks- alkaline breakfasts. Read on to find out what to do to have awesome energy, mental focus and the feeling of alertness and positivity. Without having to depend on caffeine. From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. How you start the day…

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More Awesome Holistic Relaxation Techniques (Perfect for a Busy Schedule)

Relaxation Techniques for Busy People

Relax like a pro!

Compared to my other articles, I’ll be really quick today. I just want to share a super simple and effective body-mind relaxation technique with you… This one is one of my favorites, and I do it almost every day. I get many benefits. I sleep better and I wake up feeling rejuvenated (few years ago, I never thought it was possible!). I am also more productive and focused at work and more energized to work out. I even use this technique after my workout to replenish and get more oxygen for my precious cells (it all starts on a cellular level, right?). I have also noticed, thanks to this technique, I am no longer a victim of emotinal eating, and I find it easier and more enjoyable to stick to my healthy, wholesome alkaline friendly meals (you may have noticed I am a big fan of Alkalinity, and my blog even has a section called Alkaline Foods –in case you want to check out some tips and recipes later)….The best part? You can get results just by doing a minute or two of this excercise every day. So if you don’t have time to spend hours on your yoga mat or meditation cushion yet you want to commit to some natural relaxation technique, this will work amazingly well for you…Since it’s not time consuming at all, you won’t have any excuses not to try it…

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But I Don’t Have Time!!!

Life Transformation

How to Make Time to Change Your Life

The following is a simple but quite thought-provoking guest post by my friend Michal Stawicki from ExpandBeyondYourself. Michal is a bestselling author with a passion for personal development and personal success. He is dedicated to a life of learning and continual growth in all aspects so that he can improve the quality of people’s lives. He walks the talk and he knows exactly what it takes to create health, happiness and progress. In this article, he wants to help you improve your life through changing your mindset, creating new habits and doable action plans as well as eliminating limiting beliefs.

Och, one more, thing, Michal is not some ivory-tower guru telling you what to do. He also has a life to live: a day job, wife and kids, church obligations, a full time job, a daily 3-4 hour commute and random disasters (delayed trains, children’s illnesses…). Yet he manages to find time and passion to pursue his writing career (to make it harder, English is not his first language). He can make progress in all areas of his life. Read on to learn his common-sense approach and start changing your life (even if you don’t have time).  This stuff is easier than you believe! Enjoy!

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Creating an Active but Almost Stress-Free Holistic Lifestyle


Relax Your Mind & Body Now!

Have you ever thought how good it would feel if you could reduce stress in your life?

Health benefits: Less chance of heart disease, stronger immune system, more energy and zest for life, better dietary habits (we very often overeat or eat unhealthy food, as we believe it can help us feel less stressed- it’s called emotional eating), better sleep, less anxiety… the list goes on and on.

Personal and Professional Relationships: People prefer to hang out and work with people who are nice, more relaxed, and proactive (“good vibe”, right?). I am sure you don’t like to hang out with people who complain, are negative, or try to vent their anger and frustration on you. I think nobody does. By choosing to learn more about relaxation techniques (and applying them, of course. Information is useless, unless we apply it), you can be a source of inspiration for others and create great relationships and happiness…

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How to Actually Feel Nicely Relaxed in Less Than 5 Minutes


Effective Relaxation Techniques for Busy People

Let’s face it- too much uncontrolled stress and happiness do not go hand in hand. Too much stress can take control over your wellness and your emotions. And we don’t want that to happen, right?

Here’s one thing to keep in mind- stress in life is inevitable. The mere fact we are alive means we will be exposed to certain levels of stress here and there. But…. (good news) feeling stressed-out is not inevitable. In fact, we have the power to control it…

In this post I want to share with you one of my favorite relaxation techniques that I perform daily or almost daily. It’s a real game changer. I am a really nervous person by nature. I accepted it and decided to focus on the solutions, because focusing on solutions instead of problems always helps.

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Can This Program Really Help You Look and Feel Amazing?



Is The Total Wellness Cleanse Another Health Scam?

I have been receiving many questions about the Total Wellness Cleanse Program lately, and since I have been through the program twice myself (and I will do it again), I wanted to give you my honest opinion and what you can expect from it.

Some of the questions I got from my followers were: “But isn’t it just another online health scam?” or “How can I know I can trust this guy”, or: “I am not too sure if I can commit to a cleanse”, or” But Marta, you always say you are not a proponent of drastic cleanses and weird detoxes- these are your own words”. Well, in this blog post, we are going to dive deep into the philosophy behind the Total Wellness Cleanse and we will also “investigate” its co-creator, Yuri Elkaim. I hope that the information I present in this post, will help you make a decision so that you know whether this program is actually for, as well as when it’s the best time to commit to it and how to go about it.

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Simple Guided Meditation to Overcome Negative Feelings


Meditation to feel good again

We’ve all been there. When you just feel overwhelmed and nothing is going your way. Suddenly you don’t even feel like listening to Tony Robbins’ motivational speeches and even though you know you could try to change your state, something is holding you back. You feel paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Personally, I believe that we are also meant to experience negative emotions and situations as they make us appreciate good moments in life. I am currently trying to learn how to be grateful even in negative situations because they make me stronger. I don’t mean- just to know how to be grateful in an intellectual way, but how to embrace this feeling with all your heart. Here’s a very simple meditation for when you’re having a bad day. Accept it. Even the most positive and successful people experience bad days and very often these bad days can be a blessing in disguise… Please read the guided meditation attached below and download it from the link above (thank you technology, thanks to you we can fight bad days with ease!).

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